1965 Cobra 427


1965 Cobra 427

Shelby Cobra CSX 4985 Continuation Cobra

This is a unique opportunity to buy one of the remaining brand new Shelby CSX 4XXX Series Continuation Cobras! These are all recorded in the Shelby Register, and carry Shelby Automotive VIN Plates exactly like the original CSX3XXX Series Cobras, which are now all worth more than $1 Million.

This car is indisguishable from its older cousin since it has a date- correct period Competition 427 Side Oiler from Holman Moody, and a date correct period big spline Top Loader 4 speed Gearbox, so even with the hood open its totally the same as an original CSX 3XXX sibling. The driving experience is exactly that of the original multi-million dollar Cobras! Except this car has approximately 600 bhp which is far more than the 1960's side oilers produced!

It is reputedly one of only 5 CSX4XXX cars to have been built without side exhaust pipes, producing a much cleaner look, and avoiding the common burns to passengers legs!

It also has no stripes, or roll over bar, making for a beautifully elegant “Roadster” look in the flattering Silver metallic color.

Additionally it has been carefully registered and titled in GA as a 1965 vehicle so is ready for road use in any state, including California, free from emission testing.

There will never be another new CSX 4XXX in this specification available again!

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